I am Venezuelan. Being Latina and bilingual is a huge part of my business. I naturally feel comfortable with most moms/aunties, dads/odd uncles, babies - your day is about them too. I love big cultural celebrations of any kind, and you can usually catch me dancing while shooting


I'm a student at the University of Utah. I'm currently finishing my Bachelors and planning for a Masters in Art Therapy. All I want is to help people and to create beauty. 


I tend to adapt really well socially to my surroundings. I can be goofy, sarcastic, and bold. I can also be steady, quiet, and ...well, still bold. Whatever makes those I'm with comfortable


I love love. My work thrives on intimacy and subtle moments of love (elopements are a dream), because that's what I thrive on personally. Love from my friends, from my wonderful family, or from my bomb husband.


My favorite TV shows are: Bob's Burgers, Parks & Rec, Friends, Jane the Virgin, and Master of None. Hopefully we're compatible and stuff. Also, I love tacos, curry, and sushi. Not at the same time. But, not opposed to it on the same day