The Boyer Family Photos

Looking back on my life as a single 20-something year I thought that life could not be any more exciting than going out on dates, taking road trips with girlfriends, or coming and going as I pleased. Looking back I now realize that I did not understand what true happiness was until I became a wife and eventually a mother. The future has never been more excitable and yet terrifying to me. Having Lincoln has awaken so many hopes, dreams, and fears that I think most women go through becoming new mom's.

The thought of him growing up in a world that measures how harsh of insult as a form of intelligence and cleverness worries me. What will his friends in school be like? Will he truly learn to love and accept people different from him? When will he stop needing me and how will I cope with my baby growing up? However, those few fears take a backstage to all the exciting things I imagine our lives will be like. Will he be like his daddy? What will our first trip to the Pumpkin Patch be like; hopefully he'll love Halloween as much as I do! Will be into sports, horses, or chasing girls (like daddy)? Everything has become new and exciting now that we have him in our lives. We honestly could not be any more blessed with our smiley happy boy. Even though his hobbies consist of eating his sweaty toes and peeing in the bath, we could not be more in love. Having our pictures taken as a family has conserved my memory of that same happy boy as a baby that I will truly cherish forever!


This family was adorable and in love! That precious baby was seriously the happiest, calmest baby I've met. Mellow as can be. Makin' me baby hungry. Also, my husband (who assisted me - carried the furniture) will befriend every single one of my couples and it's my favorite. As serene as everybody looks, the boys spent quite a bit of time stressing over the Utah football game being watched on one of the phones. Always an adventure! 

PS:  was looking to shoot in the studio for the longest time. I've tried several ones in Salt Lake, and I have to say, this is my favorite. I wish I could convince all my clients shoot here! This along with the incredible magic that is my Hair and Makeup Artist - my work was a breeze.