Shawhan Family Minis

My dear Liam and Alanis,
Your smiles bring me overwhelming joy. Your sweetness melts my heart. And your beauty lights my world.
Never let anyone dull your flame. Never let the world harden you, touch the world with your gentle heart. And what ever life has in store for you, it is my hope that you remember these things:
Believe in yourself. Follow your dreams.
“Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent.” -Eleanor Roosevelt
Have dreams for yourself and work hard to make those dreams come true. If hard work is not enough, then fight for it.
Laugh often. Cry when needed. Love much.
Laughter warms the heart, a good cry releases the pain and love heals all.
Think before you speak, you will gain more respect with a well thought out opinion. Speak from your heart, what you say will be forgotten but the way you make someone feel never will.
Never put your energy into judging another but rather into being a good example for them to be.
Spread your wings, take the world head on and be strong and independent!.
I love you, 
Your mom and daddy !!! 

- Karla and Bobby Shawhan


I'm always convinced Weddings are my absolute favorite, but then... another family steals my heart, and forgetaboutit.

Mini sessions available this weekend only. Location of your choice, only a couple slots left. Book here