When your friends grow up...

"Ayyy yay yay Destiny,

The love we have for you, words are not enough. As parents, we have never regretted a single choice that led to you, you are the best gift God has given us. When we see your brighteyes and beautiful smile, we see sunshine. You are our life, but always remember be bold enough to use your voice, brave enough to listen to your heart, and strong enough to live the life you've dreamed of. We will always be here for you, you will always be our Cosita Bella. We are looking forward to watch you grow and flourish into a bright woman, but for now we will soak every moment we have with you. 

Love you Destiny."

-Mom and Dad

Salina Family Photos-2.jpg

I met Salina when I was 14 years old. In orchestra. She looked exactly the same as she does today - was equally kind and gorgeous. We were friends for many years and went through many things, then lost touch. She moved several times. I stayed in contact with the other girls in our group but figured I might not have contact with Salina again (home girl is not about that social media life). Then out of nowhere she found me! She'd had this beautiful doll and wanted pictures of her. You bet your butt I snuck as many pictures of mom and dad as I could!

Salina Family Additional Photos-5.jpg

This might be silly but seeing these pictures, after all the experiences we shared... gets me a little teary eyed. I've always been incredibly lucky. I've always had wonderful female friendships, I know many girls are not so fortunate. 

I am proud of every single one of these powerful women, of who they've become. Their choices have all been different, yet they all embody so much of who I hope to be still, even now as a "grown up." 

Very, very fortunate.  

Salina Family Additional Photos-5.jpg

To make matters worse, her kid was extra cute - I didn't stand a chance! #sap

Salina Family Photos-14.jpg