Dtha & Vien Engagements // Let's get P E R S O N A L

I like to add a little about my subjects each time I post about them, but for weddings - it's a little different - I "shoot" these people three times (usually). Engagements, Formals, Wedding day - so you'll end up hearing lots about them. But this also posed the conundrum: What additional content can I create for the in-between?

Dtha & Vien. Engagements.

Dtha & Vien. Engagements.

So I thought I'd share a bit about myself. 

And in efforts to match my spirits lately.

I'm gonna be transparent with y'all. 

No sugarcoating here. When you're going to school full time, have a full time day job, and are running a business, your mental health hits the fan real quick. 

It's the worst. 

And lately, I'm in an awful funk. I stare at my screen blindly, trying to figure out how to do menial, simple tasks. I become exhausted, and often hide in bed (if I have a minute to be home). I eat the same three things (if I eat.) Overall, it's sad.


I pull myself out of bed. Throw on a sweatshirt. Show up to the mountain/park/location of your choice. and boom. 

Dtha & Vien Enagements-15.jpg

You guys change the game every time. My clients remind me how great it is just to step outside. To meet new people. To see love from a new perspective: a couple in love, high school senior about to embark on a new journey, brand new parents - all of it. 

So there are days, where getting out of bed (and yes, editing, answering emails, blogging) feels so heavy. 

But there are days, when I get to hang out with y'all. And make memories for you. 

Those days, crush the other days. 

Thanks guys!


If I'm a little behind. Send me a text/email/carrier pigeon.

Remind me how much fun we had! 

I promise your pictures/work is already done. I'm probably just avoiding my computer like the plague and the idea of sending those out (and by default typing up an email) seems daunting. 

Know I love my work, and take it incredibly serious. 

I invest all my time and money in to making sure this experience is smooth and wonderful for all my clients.

I am working on my health. 

I appreciate and love all my clients for their patience, and understanding. 

And to other creatives out there, if you're feeling the same way - you're not alone. I feel you, I love you, reach out - lets create something beautiful. 


PS. I fully read the title of this post to the tune of "Let's get Physical" by Olivia Newton-John every time.   

HMUA: Stacey Lopez