Kayla Kumer Bridals // Utah Wedding Photography

I've been robbing y'all of these pictures. That's the only explanation. Because this is a crime. I've been dreaming about posting these pictures since the moment I took them and then life happened (as always) and here we are. 

I want to give a particular shout out to my girl Angelica (The Bald Stylist - check her out). She's one of the HMU artists I work with and she knocked this out of the ballpark.

Utah Bride 1

Kayla was a pretty quiet gal when I first met her. To be honest, I was convinced she thought I was crazy because she was cool as a cucumber and I am a spaz. So when she told me she wanted to do bridals I was concerned. How was I going to get her to feel comfortable with me? How am I going to get her out of her shell?!

Utah Bride 2

I wasn't wrong. At first Kayla seemed quiet, mild-mannered, and sweet (she stayed pretty sweet haha). But my friends, that is the magic of Bridals (or formals if your partner comes with). When you come to bridals, your dress is freshly cleaned, your flowers prepped, and your veil ready. 

Utah Bridal 10
Utah Bridal 11
Utah Bridal 12

You sit in the chair and my baby angel HMU (hair and makeup) artist Angelica puts you at ease from the very first second. She talks to you about herself, she listens, or she gives you peace and quiet - whatever you need. She involves you in the process, so you truly feel and look exactly as you wanted to for this day. It's a test run for the wedding sprinkled with fairy dust, I swear. 

Utah Bridals 16
Utah Bride 4
Utah Bride 5
Utah Bride 7

I might have been there for your glam session (whether it was va-va-voom or sweet neutral glam), I might not have. Either way, afterward you and I get to hang out. I'll be honest - the first 10 minutes are awkward 99% of the time (unless you're a goofball like myself). But then... something awesome happens. 

Utah Bride 6


You become a model. 

Whether you believe it or not. Whether you feel like an idiot, or have always known you were born for this. It happens. Every time. 

I've seen it with the quietest of folks, and the most over the top characters I know. 

And isn't that what it's about? Treating yourself on your big day (or a couple weeks prior to your big day). Don't you get to feel like $1,000,000? I think so. And I love helping you do that. 

Utah Bride 8
Utah Bridals 17
Utah Bride 9

ps. I shot some of these on film and it's always fun when I can sprinkle that love around.