Lindsey & Sergio Christmas Minis


Hermosa mia, I love you. There is no way  to properly describe how much because my love for you keeps growing each and every day. I never imagined finding such a perfect woman for me. And now I cant imagine life without you. You continually amaze me and over fill my heart with joy. I love and cherish you with every fiber of my soul. 
 - Sergio to Lindsey



Alas, the Christmas Season is upon us. I'm so excited to be starting a new year and seeing where this wonderful venture takes me. These two were a delight, and so in love. It's always fun to have a couple who wants to try new things and is down for anything (even climbing in heels). Merry Christmas! Remember - from now until Christmas, I'm offering Mini Sessions - these are more affordable, shorter, and less images. They're also seasonal! They go away. I know. But email me and we'll get you taken care of!