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Formals in the mountains

How much do your services cost?
Weddings start at $850
Portraits start at $200
Payment plans available.

I'm getting married very soon. Help!
Email me for availability ASAP so we can get all the shoots you want/need in. 

Can I see some of your work?
It's all over the site (check the blog/instagram). But here's a sample portfolio.

All Wedding packages come with limited prints. In the Portrait packages, prints are one of the three options available. Calibrated to my screen for precise colors and quality. For additional prints, credit, or gift cards, check out the shop.

Do you do Same-Sex weddings?
Sure do!

Do you speak Spanish?

Where can I take my pictures?
Anywhere you'd like. Here are some great ideas for places in Utah. Anywhere with good lighting works. Studio fees are not included in the wedding packages but they are offered as one of 3 options in the portrait package. I charge a travel fee of $0.60/mile for every mile outside SL county.  I have discounts and incentives for places not yet in my portfolio. Just ask!

What are Bridals/Formal/Boudoir?
Bridals are the formal pictures of the Bride prior to the wedding. Formals are similar but for both groom and bride - typically this is where you do your "first look" (if you are doing one). Boudoir photos are intimate and romantic. Typically used for valentines or as a "sneak peak" wedding gift before your big day. 

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Dtha & Vien

Formals in the mountains