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For those who like to do their research

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Salt Lake Formals

Dtha & Vien

Formals in the mountains

How much do your services cost?
Weddings start at $850
Portraits start at $200
Payment plans available.

I'm getting married very soon. Help!
Email me for availability ASAP so we can get all the shoots you want/need in. 

Can I see some of your work?
It's all over the site (check the blog/instagram). But here's a sample portfolio.

All Wedding packages come with limited prints. In the Portrait packages, prints are one of the three options available. Calibrated to my screen for precise colors and quality. For additional prints, credit, or gift cards, check out the shop.

Do you do Same-Sex weddings?
Sure do!

Do you speak Spanish?

Where can I take my pictures?
Anywhere you'd like. Here are some great ideas for places in Utah. Anywhere with good lighting works. Studio fees are not included in the wedding packages but they are offered as one of 3 options in the portrait package. I charge a travel fee of $0.60/mile for every mile outside SL county.  I have discounts and incentives for places not yet in my portfolio. Just ask!

What are Bridals/Formal/Boudoir?
Bridals are the formal pictures of the Bride prior to the wedding. Formals are similar but for both groom and bride - typically this is where you do your "first look" (if you are doing one). Boudoir photos are intimate and romantic. Typically used for valentines or as a "sneak peak" wedding gift before your big day. 

Salt Lake Bridal

Dtha & Vien

Formals in the mountains


It's in the details.

Utah family photos

Hassler Extended Family


The Most Important Tip:
Prepare to come emotionally vulnerable. I know that sounds scary but it is so important for truly remarkable pictures. We will laugh and joke around a lot, but the deep, intimate pictures will be the best. It's important you let me in. Act like you do when you're alone together. True for couples, families, or individuals.

Second Most Important Tip:
Don't stress it. This is especially important for families. It might not be perfect, but it will be real and powerful - no matter what happens. 

Get a Pinterest. Share whatever board your posting your ideas on with me. Keep me in the loop with what you want.  

What to wear:
Anything that you feel comfortable in. Stuff like this looks great: (Couples) (Families). With the exception of Formals/Wedding shoots, most people bring two outfits; one formal, one casual (engagements, family, graduation).


Hair & Makeup:
Included in all the wedding packages, and available as one of 3 options for the portrait package. Done by this gem of a human. If you have a lipstick in mind, make sure it's long lasting, and kiss proof. 

For families: yes, especially if it can be used as a bribe for kiddos. For Graduations/Missions: Cap & gown/anything specific to your mission you'd like. Engagements: I've never had anybody need them, but if you want to, sure.

Bring your veil, flowers, both of your rings. If you can; bring your paper suite (your invites, save-the-dates, envelopes, seating place cards). If groom is using watch, tie pin, cuff links, or any special details - please bring those as well.

If the question is if you can tell if they're not real: unfortunately, yes. However, real flowers can be expensive. I've had clients get very creative. Do whatever works for you. Don't sweat it. 

If you pick in outdoor place keep in mind we'll be shooting around sunset for best lighting. If you pick indoors we will be shooting around noon. Flash used for receptions only, unless requested otherwise.

Utah family photos

Hassler Extended Family


About me

I can't believe you're still reading.


Robmary Yesenia Juarez

Robyese is a combo of my first and middle names.

I'm intense about researching a purchase, which is why I made this section so long - in case you're the same way.

I am here to make you laugh. I hate being in front of the camera and my husband is the definition of introverted - so the awkward doesn't intimidate me. I'll walk you through it, and you'll look amazing, promise. 

I shoot film and edit to simulation which means your pictures won't be just a trend 30 years from now. These are your heirlooms. We want them to pass the test of time

My favorite part of being a photographer is actually getting to know your family (if we're doing a wedding/family portraits - if not, that would be weird). Second favorite is that moment right at the end of every shoot when we're suddenly best friends and you could strut down a catwalk if I asked. 

-Seriously, everybody becomes a model after 1.5 hours of shooting pictures. 

Let's play.